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2023 Marketing Strategies



Video is a fantastic tool to hook your audience. Unlike a long-winded paragraph, it is extremely easy to consume. 54% of consumers want to see more video content from a brand or business they support. By 2023, 82% of the global internet traffic will come from video content and streaming. Will you advance your business into the technological thriving era, or stay in the past and watch your competitors fly by?

Video production is the bread and butter of Adams Media. Branding videos, events, company culture interviews, motion graphics, products, testimonials, educational, drone shots, and much more. Check out my portfolio for examples of my work.


Have you ever questioned how other businesses in your industry always show up in google searches related to your business? I have the answer for you, Google search advertisements! Businesses can set up key search words that potential customers will search on google in your area and direct them to your google business page and website. Over the past couple years, I have become an expert at google search engine optimization.


So lets break down this complex, but highly effective online marketing strategy down to more simple terminolgoy. Google search ads drives more consumer traffic to your business page and website, which in turn adds many leads for your business. If your business does not show up in google listings yet, contact me and let's get started on building your business.

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Image by William Hook


You see it all the time now on social media. Sponsored paid advertisements by companies promoting their product or service. Many business owners have given a Facebook

boosted post a try before, but did not see great results. 

With experience and knowledge a skill is gained. Did you know you can narrow your social media ads directly to your businesses target market? You can precisely target consumers from gender, age, location, job occupation, level of income, interests, behaviors, recent search history, and more. Now I can't give away all my secrets, but what I can tell you is my clients social media ads reach tens of thousands of consumers, drive hundreds of interested customers to their website, and turn many leads to customers all from social media advertising.


Interested in starting a Youtube channel or podcast? Youtube is the number one source for watching videos online today. From "how to" videos to entertainment, Youtube is the heart of publishing video content online to the masses.


As you aware, content creators today are becoming online superstars from YouTube. If you want to start a Youtube channel and watch it successfully grow you have come to the right place my friend. 

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Image by Glenn Carstens-Peters


What is a company without a website?  84% of today’s consumers think a website makes your business more credible than companies who only have social media profiles. Your website will also attract many new customers from google searchings. You can display your most prominent testimonials and reviews on your website.


Creating a basic website through a generator accessible online is easy, but then will your business stick out from your competition online? Designing a website that has a unique and eye catching appeal requires skill and experience. I've designed multiple websites for businesses. Let's get you up and running efficiently online. 

Traditional Marketing 

Looking for print advertisements? Designing business cards, brochures, fliers, menus, door hangers, direct mail, and more are very important for a business to have on hand. Even though digital marketing is the new most efficient strategy, traditional print advertisements will always be a need for businesses to be successful.


From giving a potential customer your business card to a brochure of the services you offer, nothing beats a face to face sale with handouts for your client. 

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