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Client Feedback


Amazing work, I've been working with Adams Media for several months now and they always deliver quality content. Adams is eager to take on projects and is constantly working to level up the creativity of our video projects. Highly recommend!

- Josh Drean

Co Founder

Work 3 Institute

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I worked with Adams Media on a big project for my company. I work for The Children’s Home of Pittsburgh & Lemieux Family Center.


Josh listened to our vision for the project and researched our company to make sure his vision for the project aligned with ours. We had a family who had a wonderful experience with us come in and he interviewed them for our commercial. He made them feel very welcomed and comfortable.


The filming went extremely smoothly and the family spoke very naturally with him. After filming, we received a draft of the commercial in less than two weeks. He quickly made any edits that we asked for and we had our final product within a week.


His video really captured the heart of what we do at The Children’s Home. He brought our mission and vision into life so that others could see the good work that is happening here.

-Beth Bartilson

Events Planner

The Children's Home of Pittsburgh


I use Adams Media for my video production and design. I find their equipment to be top notch and very high quality.

Adams Media is very good at responding to your needs quickly. His design team is high quality and creative which are important componants to delivering a clear and concise message to your end user. He also created a successful brochure ad campaign for my company.

-Dawn Fuchs Coleman


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